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Alstroemeria (Alstroemeriaceae)

Alstroemeria is a flowering lily plant. There are over 120 species available, many native to South America. Some are winter blooming while others bloom only in the summer.

These are long lived perennials, meaning they bloom yearly for years. One species however is an annual, meaning it lives for one year. They are commonly grown as a garden plant or landscaping cover.

Alstroemeria Species Information And Description

Alstroemeria aurea offers one of the most recognizable bloom styles. It is often called the Peruvian Lily and features multicolor blooms. Pink with yellow centers and dark spots are often the most common.

These bloom in summer and often grow in clusters or clumps in gardens. The fragrance can vary depending on the species, with some stronger. This species is often winter hardy and can survive most winter zones

. A. x hybrida is often called the Princess Monica flower by gardeners. Many dark long leaves are visible on the tall and semi thick stem. Blooms are often a white color but may feature other colors on petals.

A rainbow of colors are available through hybrids and cultivation. Rich pinks, oranges, yellows and soft whites are possible for blooms. These can be mixed together or planted in single color arrangements.

Ideal Growing Conditions And Gardening Information

Alstroemeria must be grown in pots in cooler or colder climates. For those seeking only the cut blooms, pots or greenhouses are best. This is due to the regular cold winters than many zones experience.

Though plants are not typically tall, some may prefer a dwarf species. Dwarfs may reach a mere one to two feet high, ideal for low areas. These are also popular for container and indoor garden planting.

Slightly acidic soil is considered to be optimal for growing lilies. Well drained soil can be created with organic matter and compost. Over watering must be avoided to prevent roots or stems from rotting.

Mulching may be recommended to keep moisture in very dry soil areas. This is also often used in warmer climates where summers are hot. Some may prefer to mulch prior to winter to protect the plant base.

Many prefer full sun but some can thrive in partial or full shade. The species should be checked for sun requirements before planting. This will ensure many years of vivid blooms and solid plant growth.

You can order Alstromeria either in plants or in stems in many places across the country. Popular delivery areas include: North Charleston, SC, Columbus, GA, Santa Monica, CA, Longmont, CO, and Cedar Rapids, IA. There are many different types of alstroemeria species that can accommodate different climates and temperatures; this combination of beauty and versatility makes this a very common flower in many designer mixed arrangements.

Pests And Common Diseases For Garden Alstroemerias

This plant is often considered to be reasonably free from diseases. However, this does not mean they are immune to common garden problems. Blights and insects can spread rapidly through the dense clusters

. Mosaic virus is a common problem that affects these Peruvian lilies. It primarily affects the foliage and can spread rapidly among them. Affected plants are best dug up and discarded before it spreads.

Popular Meanings And Symbolism For Alstroemerias

These miniature lilies often represent friendship and devotion. The twisting nature of leaves is thought to represent friendship. As friendship often has ups and downs, so do the leaves of lilies.

This is often used as a symbol of lasting devotion between couples. The twisting leaves may represent the complex nature of marriage. It is also used to symbolize long term relationships with others.

The petal color can also impact its meaning when used in arrangements. Pink often represents soft love or caring between couples and friends. Deeper alstroemeria may represent deeper feelings or emotions.

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Alstroemeria (Alstroemeriaceae)

Alstroemeria (Alstroemeriaceae)

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