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Bouvardia (Firecracker Bush)

The Bouvardia is know by several names, such as firecracker bush. It is sometimes called the jasmine plant though it is not the same. Some gardeners and cultivators refer to it as scarlet trumpetilla.

Its delicate fragrance makes it a popular choice for many gardens. It can be grown in many soil conditions as well as in a container. Some may also choose to use it in bouquets at home or from a florist.

Bouvardia - Species Information And Descriptions

B. longiflora is a subtropical and native to North and South America. It can be primarily found in Mexico, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. The hotter climates often have better results when growing outdoors.

The flowers are often red or a shade of pink for most subspecies. Some may appear a lighter pink or in shades of white or off white. Bicolor flowers have also been cultivated in some of the species.

B. ternifolia is another of the more commonly found garden species. It can grow between two and four feet in height at its maturity. The blossoms are often two inches long each and appear in clusters.

This species attracts hummingbirds and provides them with nectar. It is a popular choice for creating a butterfly and bird attraction. For this reason, many plant it near a sunny window to observe birds.

Growing Conditions And Uses For Landscapes Or Gardens

Full sunlight is essential to creating a thriving Bouvardia plant. The brightest possible sun exposure should always be used for plants. Partial sun or light shade can be used if there are no other options.

Water soluble fertilizer is recommended on a regular basis for blooms. The fertilizer should never be poured directly over the blossoms. Some may also wish to avoid the leaves when watering with fertilizer.

Watering should be thorough as well drained soil is crucial to plants. Soil should never be allowed to stay wet for long or dry out fully. The soil may need to be conditioned prior to planting for drainage.

The plant is highly susceptible to mealy bugs as well as scales. Insecticidal soap is recommended but caution should be used with it. Too much at a time can cause damage to the leaves or the blooms.

Some choose to add these to containers for patio or deck decoration. Others may add them to a sun loving floral garden along a house. They are also a popular addition to a garden intended for cut blooms.

Popular Meanings Or Symbolism And Uses For Florists

The star like appearance makes these a top choice for bouquets. They can be combined with other misty or dreamy appearing blooms. This may include statice or other feminine looking flower species.

Many florists and flower enthusiasts alike seek Bouvardias for many assortments of flower bouquets and arrangements for occasions ranging from get well soon and congratulations, all the way to sympathies. Flower establishments in Pasadena, CA, Montgomery, AL, Vista, CA, Columbia, MO, and West Palm Beach, FL often make demands for these most of all.

The rich pink color is often a symbol for feminine nature as well. Some are available in salmon, peach, creating more color choices. This can change the meaning of the flowers somewhat when necessary.

It is often used to represent enthusiasm about many different things. It can represent enthusiasm about a new lover or a best friend. It may also be used to show excitement about a project or change.

Florists often use these for cheerful and sunny floral arrangements. They may also use them to create exotic mixtures for special events. In some areas, Bouvardia is considered a rare and exotic flower.

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Bouvardia (Firecracker Bush)

Bouvardia (Firecracker Bush)

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