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Chrysanthemum (Asteraceae)

The chrysanthemum is a popular sight near the arrival of autumn. Vivid flowers begin to bloom in late summer and continue through fall. After blooming, they can be cut back and will return the next year.

This plant is found in many home gardens and in flowering landscapes. Potted plants may also be given as a floral basket or as a gift. The cut blooms may also be used to create arrangements at home.

Chrysanthemum - The Species And Its Cultivation

There are over 30 species of chrysanthemums that have been cultivated. These are often called mums or chrysanths, depending on the region. This flowering perennial shrub is a member of the Asteraceae family.

Some species produce large blooms that have many delicate petals. Typical colors include red and orange, along with yellow varieties. These larger blooms are popular for bouquets and container gardening.

Flower heads similar to daisies as well as buttons have been grown. Decorative pompon blooms are also available in some of the species. This presents many options for choosing ground cover or plants.

C. Indicum is the most popular of the species for home and garden. Other species include spoon shaped and some incurve bloom styles. Hard mums are the most popular for gardens as they are more sturdy.

Growing Chrysanthemums For The Home And Garden

The chrysanthemum can be grown in both containers and garden beds. For either gardening or for arrangements, Chrysanthemums can easily be ordered in areas such as Florist in Salem, Erie PA Flowers, Burbank Florist, Carrollton TX Flower Delivery, and Lowell MA Flower Shop. The variety available makes it possible to find one for every kind of garden or arrangement. Both tall and compact blooming species have been readily cultivated.

Full sun and well drained soil are a requirement for best results. Many of the varieties can flourish in partial sun or shade, however. Artificial lighting can disrupt the normal grow or bloom cycles.

In the garden, they should be divided about every third spring. This can help to rejuvenate them, and prevent plant overcrowding. Fertilizers should be used during the spring to nourish the plants.

As preparation for the winter, mulch should be added near the bases. This can provide protection against the snow and cold of winter. In some climates, a shelter may be needed to further protect them.

Uses For Chrysanthemums In Industry And Cuisine

C. morifolium is often used to make a hot tea in parts of Asia. This tea is often used as a restorative for illnesses or the flu. Rice wine with chrysanthemums is also made in some parts of Korea.

Chinese cuisine often utilizes stems and petals to make some dishes. Some recipes may call for petals mixed with meat or other broths. The reason for this is due to its heady aroma and tangy flavoring.

C. cinerariaefolium has also used in the creation of insecticides. It is often used to create insect repellents to protect humans. This prompts many to plant them to help prevent bugs from biting.

Some extracts from chrysanthemums have been used in medicine as well. Antibacterial properties have been found through some of the species. Other medicinal uses have also been found and are being researched.

Cultural Symbolism And Meanings For Chrysanthemums

For many, this flower symbolizes having a longevity and long life. Optimism and joy can also be expressed by giving these flowers. The color often has an influence on the meaning being expressed.

Red, as with other flowers, often symbolizes love on many levels. Deeper red colors often indicate a deeper level of love and caring. Softer reds may show a more gentle and thoughtful level of love.

White often demonstrates purity and a love that is pure for couples. This uncommon color can be a striking way to show pure affection. It may be blended with other colors to indicate the type of purity.

Yellow is often associated with dejection and love that is slighted. They may be used to demonstrate rejection, or unrequited feelings. A yellow chrysanthemum may also be given as part of a fall bouquet.

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Chrysanthemum (Asteraceae)

Chrysanthemum (Asteraceae)

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