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The up-swept petals of Cyclamen make them stand out in a garden. These appear to some as the up-swept wings of a butterfly in flight. Some species have petals that appear twisted or curve around the cup.

The blooming potted plants are top floral gifts around many holidays. Some species may be found blooming only during the winter months. Other species may bloom in summer, while some can be forced to flower.

Cyclamen Species, Subspecies And Its Cultivation

This perennial flowering tuber includes at least 23 known species. It is often used for its unique flower and leaf appearance in gardens. This plant is native to Europe, as well as the Mediterranean areas.

The genus name is often used when referring to the subspecies. This makes it easy to identify which one is being used for gardening. This naming practice is commonly found in English speaking countries.

Originally classified in the family Primulaceae it is a Myrsinaceae. This reclassification occurred in 2000, changing it to a Primrose. It is also often referred to as a Persian Violet though no relation.

Some common subspecies include C. Africanum, Creticum and Persicum. C. Pseudibericum, Purpurascens, Repandum and Rhodium are others. These are often each chosen for a particular appearance or flowers.

Cyclamen Description And Variations In Species

Some of the subspecies have unique features that set them apart. These features often includes where the roots develop in the plant. Some form roots on the side, others on the top or on the bottom.

The flowers are produced from a tuber that is grown underground. Many of the species form leaves in the fall and grow during winter. In the spring, it begins to die and will often go dormant in summer.

In some climates, the tuber may produce blooms in other months. The species is another factor in when it will bloom and go dormant. This may also be impacted by whether it is grown indoors or outdoors.

In some climates, the tuber may produce blooms in other months. The species is another factor in when it will bloom and go dormant. This may also be impacted by whether it is grown indoors or outdoors.

Many of these types of cyclamen plants can commonly be sold in Thornton, CO, Visalia, CA, Newark, NJ, Arlington, TX, and Brockton, MA. They are normally sold as houseplants. Reasons for thsi will be mentioned in greater detail below.

Common Garden Uses For Cyclamen And Caring For It

For many areas it is necessary to grow these flowering tubers indoors. This is because many areas have temperatures that reach below 59F. Lower than this and the plant can often go dormant or not survive.

When grown indoors it is best to use a rich potting soil for planting. Indoor growing can also force them to bloom for the winter holidays. This is often the best time to find them for sale or bouquets.

High humidity is often important for the indoor plants to survive. To create this, a tray of pebbles can often be placed underneath. This is a crucial step in keeping them alive and well during winter.

Very bright, indirect light is necessary during the growing months. Low-nitrogen fertilizer is often necessary to provide nutrients. This may be necessary every few weeks while it is in leaf for blooms.

Other Floral Uses And Information For Cyclamens

These plants are often known for being demanding in terms of care. In many cases, it can be difficult to get blooms the next year. Because of this, many find that they prefer to buy new ones yearly.

While hardier species have been cultivated, some still have problems. They are also at risk of moths and caterpillars when planted outside. This requires care in order to keep them protected during growth.

Heartier options include the Sierra Series, Victorian and Scentsation. These are popular options to the common standby of C. Persicum. The delicate blooming C. Persicum is also known as Florist's Cyclamen.

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