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Daffodil (Amaryllidaceae)

The daffodil is an iconic bloom that is used for gardens and bouquets. It is seen frequently in spring arrangements and bridal bouquets. The open face of the blooms gives them a sunny and fresh appearance.

There are new hybrids available nearly every year due to cultivation. The hybrids may have resistance to drought, sun or soil conditions. These improvements make them easier to grow in any type of garden.

Daffodil - Description And Species Information

Daffodils, also known as narcissus, are a recurring bright flower. Bulbs are planted in the fall and often will bloom in the spring. Some species bloom in the autumn, allowing for many seasons of color.

The size often varies depending upon the hybrid type being planted. Large 5" blooms on tall 2' stems are possible for taller flowers. Smaller dwarf versions on 2" stems offer compact blooming flowers.

Some may refer to these flowering plants as narcissus or paperwhites. Paperwhites are often white daffodils and are common varieties. These are part of the same genus and may have some color variation.

The cup shape and color in the flower can vary between hybrids. A ruffled appearance is common, with some featuring more ruffles. The ruffled appearance may also apply to the petal shape as well.

Several variations of these daffodils can be delivered to Oklahoma City, OK, Fort Collins, CO, Quincy, MA, Memphis, TN, or Fresno, CA. Most of these places provide daffodils of the common, yellow variety but exotic colors can be requested if called in advance (see below for more information on exotic colored daffodils).

Species And Variations - Color And Bloom Style

Daffodil hybrids are often categorized by the name narcissus or breed. N. papyraceus is often called a paperwhite due to its white coloring. The fragrance is quite strong and blooms are often forced at holidays.

N. pseudonarcissus covers many of the wild varieties found in areas. Many are yellow in color though some variations and bicolors exist. These are often native to some parts of Europe, particularly Western.

Double daffodils get their name from the appearance of double flowers. These are often showy, with bright bicolored petals and centers. Pink Paradise is a top choice for those seeking double daffodils.

Large center cups, such as Pink Paradise, stand out in any garden. Some varieties may have larger than average cups, or more colors. Bicolor options as well as solid colors are possible for the cups.

Important Care And Growing Conditions For Daffodils

Daffodils often grow and spread rapidly in a container or garden. For this reason it is often necessary to dig up and spread them. This may only be necessary every few years depending on the spacing.

Many recommend digging bulbs up for storage when leaves go brown. They can then be replanted in the fall to produce blooms in spring. If they are not dug up yearly they should be spread out every 5 years.

Full sun is a requirement, with them receiving as much as possible. Some varieties may tolerate indirect or partial light in gardens. For indoor containers, ample light is needed in order to bloom.

Well drained soil is a necessity for the optimal bloom and growth. Slightly acidic is preferred, and can be created with additives. Special meal may be added to encourage better growth or flowers.

Popular Uses For Arrangements And Decorations

Some hybrids are grown in small pots around holidays for gifts. Paperwhites are often a top choice, though yellow are common too. These bulbs are forced to flower early to create holiday blooms.

Bouquets of white daffodils are popular for spring weddings and proms. These are often used as a symbol of cheer and joy during the spring. They may also be used in winter to bring a touch of spring joy.

Exotic colors such as green are possible through careful cultivation. These can create an unusual and memorable gift when added to bouquets. Pinks and combinations may also add a touch of beauty to a bouquet.

For a simple touch of joy or cheer, traditional yellows are used. This may include solid yellow, or yellow with a colored center. Other daffodil varieties may also be used for a lush flower basket.

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Daffodil (Amaryllidaceae)

Daffodil (Amaryllidaceae)

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