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Dendrobium Orchid

The Dendrobium orchid is one of the most popular orchid species. A number of hybrids exist to choose from for houseplants or flowers. New hybrids are regularly introduced and offer new species variations.

Blossoms are typically available in rich shades of pink or purple. They are used as potted plants as well as cut stems for arrangements. Though delicate, the blooms are long lasting and lightly scented.

Dendrobium Orchid - Species Information And Description

There are a number of hybrids and cultivars in this orchid species. Variations can occur through natural processes or through cultivation. This can lead to new color variations or petal shapes for flowers.

D. Nobile is widely used for creating new hybrids for gardeners. Blooms are slightly wider and have petals that are more curved. Some hybrids have vivid color combinations that stand out in bouquets.

D. aggregatum offers a bright yellow appearance similar to daffodils. These Dendrobium orchid blooms can appear creamy yellow or orange. Many blossoms can appear on stems, instead of single bloom styles.

This assortment of orchids can be ordered for Tacoma, WA, Tampa, FL, Irving, TX, Modesto, CA, and Waco, TX and other surrounding areas. They can come in the form of cut stems or potted plants, both come with an assortment of color choices. Call your local florist to find availability.

Growing Conditions For Houseplants And Bouquets

The long arching stems loaded with flowers make Dendrobiums popular. They are used in many bouquets to add a touch of elegance and class. They can also be given as a potted houseplant as a touching gift.

Like other orchid species, humidity is important for the best growth. To achieve this, a small tray of rocks or pebbles should be used. Water should be added to keep the pebbles covered at all times.

Damp soil is important during peak growing and blooming seasons. A good potting mixture that retains some moisture should be used. In addition to that daily misting should be used to increase humidity.

Several hours of indirect light should be provided for live plants. Direct light can cause leaves and flowers to scorch on the edges. A warm windowsill with lots of indirect light can be the best spot.

Fertilizers may be used to produce better blooms for may species. Care should be taken to avoid overusing fertilizers for potted plants. Overuse can lead to stunted plant growth or scorching of the leaves.

Popular Symbolism And Uses For Flowers

The biggest meaning for these orchids is that of pure affection. Pure affection may mean love between friends, couples or coworkers. Affection may be shown for a holiday or a big event or occasion.

These exotic blossoms can be used to represent luxury and opulence. They can be given to congratulate someone on a promotion at a job. They may also be used to celebrate an achievement with work or school.

Beauty and strength are two other popular meanings for the orchids. These are often given around anniversaries or special holidays. They can also be used as a get well soon flower or potted plant.

The orchid stems can also be used in bridal and wedding arrangements. The delicate blossoms create a striking show of beauty for any bride. Pinks are often chosen, though some may prefer creamy white blooms.

Heavy sprays of flowers can also be used for a stunning floral vase. These can be used in place of more traditional floral bouquets. A Dendrobium orchid arrangement has a truly exotic look many love.

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Dendrobium Orchid

Dendrobium Orchid

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