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Forget Me Nots (Boragninaceae)

Forget me nots are most often grown as a delicate flowering annual. They may also be grown as biennials and perennials by gardeners. They are most often found as ground cover or bordering a garden.

There are over 50 species available, allow for many variations. Variations include different colors for blooms as well as sizes. They are readily adaptable to many climates and sunlight conditions.

Forget Me Nots Species Information And Variations

Myosotis arvensis is also known as the Field Forget Me Not flower. It has soft calyx hairs that give it an almost fuzzy appearance. The open flower is concave, and petals have pointed edges to them.

It is often found in dry soil or sometimes in cultivated landscapes. Many of the blooms are white, but some of the young ones may be pink. The center of the eye is yellow in contrast with the bloom color.

Myosotis discolor features smaller blooms that are clustered on stems. The blooms are often white though some may appear to be more blue. This species is also known for its ability to change bloom color.

Yellow or white blooms appear when new and turn blue at maturity. The color variation may be pronounced or may be more subtle on some. It often grows wild on roadsides or in areas where weeds are found.

Myosotis sylvatica is a bushy plant that is often used for gardens. It is fairly compact, and has lance shaped leaves with tiny blooms. This Wood forget me nots is often used for woodland landscaping.

Myosotis latifolia is perhaps the best recognized of the species. It is often known as the Broadleaf and has been cultivated heavily. It has been found in many places world wide such as the United States.

Pink or blue blooms are the most commonly found in this species. The flowers may be slightly hairy and have a flat tubular shape. These are most often grown in gardens or as a landscape ground cover.

Growing Conditions And Information For Gardens

Seeds should be sown directly into the garden before the last frost. This last frost gives them the necessary germination period to grow. They may also be started indoors early to obtain faster growth.

For indoor sowing, they should be started two months in advance. Vermiculite soil should be used for the starter pods for seeds. Watering should be done from below to prevent rot from occurring.

Once the plants are ready for the outdoors they will need rich soil. A pH of 6 or 7 is considered to be ideal for best growth in plants. Organic matter should be added to create rich soil if it is average.

Partial shade is the preferred sunlight for this flowering plant. Steady direct sun may lead to weaker blooms or cause scorching. Plants may also dry out faster and begin to wilt or fade quickly.

Plants can spread quickly if the blooms are allowed to drop seed. They can be cut back to prevent the spread if this is not wanted. Plant clusters may also be dug up and replanted if they are too dense. You can learn more about all types of flowers and plants on our Flower Facts Facebook Page.

Popular Meanings And Symbolism Of The Flowers

This flower is associated with both love and hope for the future. They are often given in spring and summer for memorials or holidays. Forget me nots are also given to spouses or couples who are in love.

Forget Me Nots can be readily available at locations around Compton, CA, Warren, MI, Richmond, VA, Amarillo, TX, and Omaha, NE but have been available in other areas as well. Consumers can call and request these in either plant form or in floral arrangements in the given array of color choices.

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Forget Me Nots (Boragninaceae)

Forget Me Nots (Boragninaceae)

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