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Freesia (Iridaceae)

The Freesia often brings a delicate and feminine scent to mind. The funnel shaped flowers are often found in creamy and rich colors. The fragrance can be found in many beauty products and perfumes.

They can be quickly and easily grown from seed in a garden bed. There are many cultivars available that allow for more selection. Several species are used as the basis for creating new hybrids.

Freesia Species Information And Color Variations

Freesias, a fragrant blooming plant, belong to the family Iridaceae. Many species have a light citrus scent that makes them popular. The bell shaped blooms make them a unique addition to any garden.

Long wiry stems adorned with flowers make a striking statement. For this reason they are often used in flower gardens or containers. Colors vary from yellow to white, along with pink and red shades.

F. Alba is perennial, and native to South Africa and other continents. It is often grown as an ornamental plant in yards or landscaping. It is commonly cultivated with other species to form new hybrids.

F. Laxa is another type of ornamental plant available for gardens. This is often known as false freesias, and comes in several colors. Red, blush and pink shades are the most common, as well as white.

Care And Growing Instructions For Home And Garden

For the best results with a freesia, well drained soil is needed. Peat moss and bark are often used to mulch the surrounding area. Raised mulch areas may also be needed to allow for better drainage.

Full sunlight is needed to get optimal growth and flowers to form. Planted containers can be moved to get more sunlight if needed. If grown indoors, a grow light may become necessary for growth.

Blooms can be cut to make arrangements or dried for dried bouquets. Foliage can be left to help increase the plant for the next year. In summer the foliage will often die as it begins to go dormant.

Once dormant, it can be removed while it rests for the next bloom. This often takes several months before the next growth cycle begins. This cycle is different than those that are grown indoors and forced.

It can be difficult to grow Freesia properly, especially for new and inexperienced gardeners. Well-grown Freesia can commonly purchased and used for arrangements in Las Vegas, NV, Orem, UT, Odessa, TX, Ontario, CA, and Cape Coral, FL and other nearby places.

Cultivation, Cosmetic And Industry Uses For Freesias

These plants are often grown for their strong and pleasant fragrance. This ranges from citrus to a light soap scent popular with many. This is a reason many choose to add them to their garden or home.

Many products use freesias to scent soaps, lotions and other products. Perfumes are another top use for the light fragrance from flowers. These may be combined with other pleasing scents or used on their own.

Potpourri often features this fragrant plant for a delicate blend. This is also a common fragrance for sachets and incense blends. It is also a popular additive to cleaners and scenting products.

The bath industry frequently uses freesias to create bath products. Oils, powders and bubble bath items often feature this light scent. Deodorants and refreshing sprays may also utilize the fragrances.

Symbolism, Meanings And Uses For Arrangements

The traditional meaning of this flower is one of innocence and purity. It may also symbolize friendship, especially a lasting friendship. The lasting scent can be a reminder of this friendship and innocence.

Another possible meaning is to show sweetness and charm with friends. The sturdy stems can be a symbol of the durable nature of friendship. Delicate blooms are a symbol for how friendship must be cherished.

Arrangements often feature several sprays of these stems together. Tall and shorter stems may be used to fill out a basket or vase. A solid color or mix of freesia may be used, such as pink and white.

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Freesia (Iridaceae)

Freesia (Iridaceae)

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