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Specialty Gift Basket

A well made gourmet gift basket creates an immediate statement. They can be used as gifts, or for edible conversation pieces. They come in different sizes, ranging from small to large.

The gifts may contain edible treats such as wine and fine cheese. Some may contain exotic snacks, or organic and fair trade food. Some may be customized to include extras, such as accessories.

The Basics Of Creating Gourmet Baskets

The container is important, as it sets the stage for gifts. The container is often determined by the type of edible treats. They are often chosen to add an extra touch of class to gifts.

Accessories are another important consideration for some themes. Cheese knives and cutting boards are top examples of accessories. These are necessary to create an easy to serve and use gift.

Wine collections may include tools necessary for opening bottles. Wine glasses are another accessory that some may wish to include. These create an easy to serve package for someone to enjoy.

What Can Be Used For Gourmet Gift Baskets

The most basic of the options is the gourmet fruit gift basket. These often include the highest quality of fruit that is available. Some may also choose to use tropical or exotic fruit choices.

Cut fruit is another option for creating gourmet fruit baskets. Pineapple, melons and berries are often used for these creations. They may be dipped in chocolate to add a more luxurious flavor to them.

Wine baskets are often used to create a more intimate gift. These typically contain at least one good bottle of fine wine. Some may include several bottles that can be enjoyed with friends.

Cheese assortments and chocolate are popular pairings with wine. Crackers are often included with cheese, as well as a serving knife. A serving board may be included to create the perfect gift set.

Chocolate is another top choice for paring with a wine basket. Specialty options, such as exotic flavored chocolate, are often used. It may be included as full bars, or as single serving pieces.

Other specialty luxury options may be used to create baskets. These options offer a taste of the unique or the luxurious. These may include flavored salts, sauces or other interesting treats.

A pleasant assortment of gift baskets are regularly available in areas like Athens, GA, Newport News, VA, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, Redding, CA, and Elgin, IL. Be sure to call in and inquire about the availability of any treats that you may specifically want; some areas may be unable to serve wines, others may not have all kinds of cheeses, etc.

Top Uses For Gourmet Food Gift Baskets

Romantic getaways are often a good use for some edible baskets. Wine and chocolate pairings are often the top choice for these events. They are frequently used for anniversaries and on honeymoons.

For a truly unique occasion, some may also include other items. These may include spa items, in addition to wine and chocolate. These are often used for occasions when someone is being pampered.

Casual parties are another occasion for using edible treats. Summer themes are popular for cookouts or other casual gatherings. Popcorn themes are often used for a night of movies or games.

Congratulatory occasions often call for something special. Luxury treats are an ideal way to congratulate someone on achievements. These may include candy, cheeses or wine pairings and accessories.

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Specialty Gift Basket

Specialty Gift Basket

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