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The hibiscus is frequently linked to exotic tropical locations. The rich red and pink blossoms are frequently used for decoration. These are frequently seen at cookouts, beach gatherings and weddings.

These plants are versatile and can be grown indoors and in gardens. The frequency of the blooms may be affected by where it is grown. The species may also have some bearing on how quickly it grows.

Description And Available Species Of Hibiscus

This plant is a flowering plant species from the Malvaceae family. Malvaceae is a mallow, with several hundred varieties available. These are native to warm and tropical environments around the world.

Known for showy flowers, these are often called sorrel or rosemallow. Within the genus are both perennial and annual varieties for shrubs. Small trees are also included in this generic name for the family.

H. Arnottianus and Brackenridgei are popular Hawaiian variations. These species are often grown as ornamental bushes on the islands. Some include white blooms while others have yellow or familiar red.

The blooms may also change colors over the years depending on species. Common colors include red, white and yellow with some variations. Some may feature a combination of colors, such as white or red edging.

Home Gardening And Indoor Growing Characteristics

This hearty plant is easy to grow when provided with enough light. A warm climate is another key piece to growing Hibiscus varieties. Soil is often a focus, though many species are adaptable to soil.

Organic soil is one of the top ways to get the best results possible. Peat moss may be added to further enhance the quality of the soil. During the first years, the ground should be kept moist constantly.

In colder zones, mulch should be packed around the base for warmth. A depth of 12 inches can keep the ground from freezing in winter. Other protective measures may need to be taken in colder areas.

The brightest light possible should be used indoors or outside. Indoors this may mean a grow lamp, while outdoors should be full sun. This will allow the plant to have ample sunlight to continue to grow.

Florist And Garden Grade Hibiscus Differences

Florist-grade plants are often shorter and more dense than others. These tend to have more flowers than the patio or garden species. This makes them popular for those wanting a spectacular bloom show.

Florist-grade hibiscus blooms are generally available in areas around Stamford, CT, Spokane, WA, Philadelphia, PA, Killeen, TX, and Wilmington, NC. They can be ordered for various arrangements or in bouquets exclusively in hibiscus.

Bloom quality is important for those seeking to grow or use them. The fragrant blooms often open and close within a one day period. Some may use different methods to keep them blooming during the year.

In warm climates, regular watering and pruning can encourage blooms. Increased light and fertilizer can further increase plant blooming. This is an ideal outcome for those wanting to grow ornamental flowers.

Some may find that garden varieties do not bloom all year round. This often happens in places where the temperatures go too low. Lower temperatures can cause the plants to begin to go dormant.

Uses For Decoration, Bouquets And Other Purposes

The garden is not the only place that these plants can be used. Many keep these indoors or in pots on a patio or deck in summer. Indoor cultivation is a popular way to get large and colorful blooms.

These are frequently used for teas or for decoration in the home. The tea is made by steeping flowers in hot water for several minutes. It may be blended with other herbs or teas for a better flavor.

One species of the plant is also be used for paper making projects. Other craft uses include drying a bloom and uses it for scrap-booking. They may also be used in potpourri, or to decorate cards and gifts.

Instead of a traditional bouquet, many will give a potted plant. This is often due to the quick closing nature of the blossoms. Hibiscus pots are often popular year round when given as gifts.

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