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Hyacinth (Asparagaceae)

Hyacinth blooms have a distinct fragrance and appearance for blooms. The bulbs often flower in the spring depending on the species used. Many feature rich purple and pink colored flowers in dense clusters.

They are often grown in gardens for their color and pleasing scent. The fragrance is popular for many perfumes as well as bath products. These blooms are also used for both live and cut floral arrangements.

Hyacinth - Description And Species Information

Hyacinths are a bulbous flowering plant that produce blooms in spring. They feature long narrow leaves and very fragrant clusters of flowers. This perennial is often planted in rows or clusters to create color.

Stems range from six to twelve inches tall, with a tall flower. The flower clusters are often compact, with many in a small area. This gives them a lush appearance and create a bright show of color.

Hyacinthus orientalis is the most popular variety found in gardens. It is also often referred to as the Garden, Common or Dutch variety. It is often the most common found in garden centers for planting.

Aquatic varieties are also available, suitable for water gardens. They are hardy in several zones but may become invasive in gardens. This often occurs in warm climates where they are not native plants.

Color Variations And Popular Hybrids Of Hyacinths

For maximum garden color, there are many options for hyacinth bulbs. Traditional blue and purple may be used for a subtle splash of color. Other muted colors, such as pale pink or white may also be used.

Special mixes may be used to create stronger colors in the garden. The Fat Tuesday bulb is popular for vivid colors of yellow and blue. The high contrast makes for a dramatic show in pots or plant beds.

Tequila Sunrise varieties get their name from the showy sunrise color. Yellow, bronze and red are combined together for a rich display. These bulbs are often planted in clusters for big pops of flowers.

For romantic gardens, red and pink Valentine mixes are popular. These are often a combination of white, pink and red flower shades. Individual colors may also be mixed to create this type of display.

Growing Conditions And Care In Gardens Or Home

Planting often occurs in fall, the month determined by the zone. Some zones begin in September while others are as late as November. These should be planted in prepared soil that is well drained.

Bulbs should be fertilized with bone meal at the time of planting. This is often necessary to create the best bloom display possible. Mulching should be done in late fall or early winter to protect bulbs.

Deadheading is done to encourage bulb growth rather than flowers. This is a common practice to promote stronger bulb growth in spring. Deadheading should only be done after the foliage dies and yellows.

Division may often be used to encourage stronger bloom and growth. Division may become necessary if the flowers become too crowded. This can often take years, or can be the result of too heavy planting.

Popularity In Bouquets, Symbolism And Meanings

The Hyacinth is a very desirable plant, particularly during the spring. They are especially available for purchase in Honolulu, HI, Vallejo, CA, Des Moines, IA, Arvada, CO, and El Paso, TX but can be found elsewhere.

In general hyacinths represent constancy and dependability in someone. This meaning is popular with all of the colors and hybrids available. A solo bloom or cluster may be given, or a full bouquet of the blooms.

Blue hyacinths often represent sincerity when used for a present. Some may use deeper blues to represent deeper levels of sincerity. This is a popular choice for a spring expression of love and devotion.

For spring bouquets and arrangements, they may be potted in soil. For cut flowers, they are often paired with other spring mixes. Hyacinth bouquets often include daffodils, asters and freesia flowers.

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Hyacinth (Asparagaceae)

Hyacinth (Asparagaceae)

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