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Iris (Iridaceae)

The iris is a perennial herb that produces fragrant delicate blooms. This plant often grows from a rhizome, or from a bulb in dry areas. These are often grown as an ornamental flowering plant in gardens.

Irises are a popular choice for bouquets and cut floral arrangements. Blooms come in several colors and styles, as well as stem heights. The fragrance makes them a choice addition to a flowering landscape.

Bearded Iris Species Cultivation And Information

I. germanica is one of the most common types of bearded irises. It is widely used in the garden and can be found in many heights. The different heights make it possible to create a unique display.

The beard is formed by ruffles that appear on the flower petal edges.The beard may be the same color or a separate color such as coral. This creates a splash of color when paired with solid color irises.

Miniature species can grow up to eight inches tall with small blooms. The flower size is typically one to two inches in diameter at max. These are often used for edging or for lining a walkway or patio.

Taller species may reach up to 18-23 inches at their peak height. Blooms may be larger or smaller, depending on the type of hybrid. These are often planted near the back of a garden or flower bed.

Beardless Species Cultivation And Information

Many beardless iris species lack the defining ruffle. There may be some definition to the petals but they are often smooth. Similar color variations may be found, depending on the species.

Many beardless varieties resemble orchids due to bloom appearance. Unlike orchids, these are easier to care for in almost any garden. Care is often minimal, with plants producing blooms at least once.

Beardless irises often will bloom after the bearded varieties have. Planting both can lead to a season or more full of fragrant blooms. For this reason they are often preferred for a vibrant flower garden.

The color options are almost limitless, with many offering bicolor. A rainbow mix may be used as well as solid color schemes for planting. Bicolor options can provide splashes of color in the flower patch.

Irises are purchased for floral arrangements and are typically available in cities around West Valley City, UT, Columbia, SC, Albany, NY, Provo, UT, and San Mateo, CA. Check with the specific shop to see what colors of Iris are available.

Popular Uses In Medicine And Manufacturing For Plants

The essential oil is used in aromatherapy and sedation treatments. The aromatherapy uses are often to help with relaxation and sleep. It may be combined with other oils for greater relaxation experiences.

The root and flowers are often used in the manufacturing of gin. The flowers can impart color and flavoring when it is distilled. The root is also commonly used to make popular brands of gin.

Popular Symbolism And Meanings For Blooming Irises

These were once thought as a link between the earth and the afterlife.

Purple irises were once placed on a female's grave to guide her on. It was thought that the flowers would lead her to the afterlife. The French monarchy adopted the flower for their national symbol. Its popularity increased during the Middle Ages as a sign of royalty. The Fleur-de-lis has become a lasting iconic symbol of their power.

More modern symbolism associates them with faith, devotion and hope. Dark blue or purple still indicates royalty or prestige and wealth. The yellow iris is often associated with passion for life and love.

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Iris (Iridaceae)

Iris (Iridaceae)

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