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In many areas, ivy is a symbol for classic elegance and tradition. It is frequently found in the wild growing on trees or on the ground. It can also quickly cover abandoned structures if it is not removed.

It is very simple to grow in almost any location or soil condition. It needs very little in the way of any special treatments or care. It is also used to create topiary shapes or foliage for planters.

Species Information And Description Of Ivy Plants

Hedera species, known as ivies, are a popular plant in many countries. It is an evergreen climbing plant that can scale walls or ground. Many species are woody, and have rough vines with green leaves.

Hedera helix, known as English, is one of the most popular types. It grows up to six inches tall, and can climb up to 50 feet on walls. Left on the ground, it can spread rapidly and wildly if left alone.

Glechoma hederacea is a wild flowering ground cover in this family. This variety is in the mint family and is a ground creeping plant. It has many important uses in both medicine and culinary cultivations.

The Boston variety is not related to true ivies though named the same. It is related to the grape family but is often mistaken for ivies. Many casual gardeners do not mind the misclassification and use it.

Growing Conditions And Cultivation In Gardens

The ivy is a very versatile plant, which tolerates many conditions. Sunlight requirements are generous, allowing for any level of light. This means full sun up to full shade are possible for plantings.

Well drained soil is ideal but many survive in rocky or acidic. While the soil requirements are more flexible, it should be nourished. It is otherwise less demanding than many other types of garden plants.

If left alone, it can spread quickly and may require some pruning. It may be necessary to dig up plants once they have spread too far. This may have to be done every season or year depending on growth.

Leafy trunks can be difficult to remove once grown into a wall. The climbing species can dig into walls or stones on some pathways. For this reason many choose to allow the plants to grow on their own.

Uses for Landscaping In Gardens

This species is a staple plant for many English and country gardens. Many homes feature this plant sprawling across lawns and home walls. It lends a charm that many find an attractive feature in landscaping.

It is a popular choice for lawns that get low sun or full shade. It will grow quickly and require minimal upkeep during the year. It is good for both rainy and drier climates, making it versatile.

Plantings are often encouraged to grow over an entryway or fence. With enough time, it will fully grow to cover and enclose the area. This can help to create privacy in areas where there may not be any.

It can also be easily grown in containers as an ornamentl plant. Window boxes are popular uses for container growing for these plants. They are often mixed with taller plants to create a showy display.

Common And Popular Uses For Floral Arrangements

Ivy is usually available for immediate sale at Las Cruces, NM, Paterson, NJ, Louisville, KY, Toledo, OH, and Syracuse, NY. However, they can also be purchased in other areas as well. They contain many uses for either floral arrangements or baskets.

Cut stems are often used to create greenery in floral arrangements. They can help provide a lush backdrop for bright colored blooms. The cut stems often stay green for a week before drying in bouquets.

Live flower baskets include these plants as a trailing vine display. Some may use it to create topiary designs such as cages and balls. Its rapid growing nature makes them very easy to create and display.

Creating new plants is very simple as a single stem can make more. It can be cut and placed in soil or water to grow new roots quickly. This increase the possible uses for ivy for florists and gardeners.

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