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Leather Leaf (Viburnum)

The Leather Leaf offers a lot of variety for landscapes and homes. There are many varieties possible that offer a unique appearance. Some of the shrubs may reach heights of eight to ten feet at maturity.

Many of the species are evergreen which means they are green all year. Blooms may only appear during warmer months but leaves stay green. This increases their value when used as an ornamental landscape plant.

Leather Leaf Species Information And Description

The Willow wood variety is better known as it is a compact species. It produces flowers in the fall that have a pleasing fragrance. This is often a good choice when there is little space available.

The Mohican hybrid is another popular choice in the compact series. It produces pink colored buds that will blossom yellow and white. It has long lasting fruit and is a semi evergreen foundation plant.

Alleghany is another of the compact hybrids available for landscapes. It has a more rounded appearance than many of the other hybrids. The branches are stout and sturdy and grow more upright than others.

These types can be ordered in various areas, including Kansas City, KS, Beaumont, TX, Garland, TX, Richmond, CA, and Costa Mesa, CA. They are normally requested for use in cut stem arrangements and so may not be available for gardeners.

Growing Conditions And Uses For Landscapes Or Gardens

The Leather Leaf is an easy plant to grow that needs little upkeep. Tree versions may be used in a residential or commercial landscape. Shrubs may be used for those who want edging for a house or a fence.

Windy locations should be avoided at all costs for better growth. To avoid high winds, some may plant them along a fence or a tree line. Others may plant them along the foundation of a home or garage.

Partial shade spots are acceptable for many of the resistant species. Some may also tolerate heavy shade, such as around trees or fences. Full sun and mostly sun locations should be avoided whenever possible.

Slightly acidic soil is ideal for growing these evergreen shrubs. The soil should always be kept moist but should never become soggy. Sandy soil conditions should be avoided as they do not drain well.

The plants will grow slowly but may need pruning from time to time. Pruning will help to control growth and prevent it from spreading. In some climates the plant may also die back during the winter.

Popular Symbolism And Common Uses For Flowers

Viburnum flowers often symbolize delicate attentions to a subject. This meaning can apply to a number of subjects or special occasions. It may be used on its own as a symbol or combined with other blooms.

Delicate attentions can be taken to mean caution should be used. This may mean to tread lightly around the subject or around a person. It may also mean to keep stronger feelings in check for a time.

This may also be taken to mean that feelings should be restrained. Restraint may be urged when some feelings of love are not returned. It may also indicate a wariness of a situation or a shy feeling heart.

Delicate attentions may also indicate loyalty or devotion to someone. Someone may first be expressing love or want to take the next step. This flower meaning indicates that they are feeling ready to do so.

Pink blossoms can also indicate growing delicate passion for someone. This feeling may be innocent or a shared passion between a couple. This gives the Leather Leaf flower several meanings that can be used.

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Leather Leaf (Viburnum)

Leather Leaf (Viburnum)

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