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Lily (Liliaceae)

Lily flowers are easy to recognize and are a top garden favorite. They come in a wide variety of color combinations and petal shapes. This allows for many possible combinations for any garden theme.

Many species have long and clearly defined shape for the petals. The petals may have several colors, such as stripes or spotting. Others may be close to solid in color with minimal spots on them.

Lily Species Variations And Basic Information

Lilies are one of the most recognizable of the flowering plants. It comes in many different shapes and colors, as well as fragrances. Species variations range from wild growing to carefully cultivated.

Lilium superbum is one of the most recognizable of all the species. These are often referred to as tiger lilies due to their coloring. Three to seven blooms are common per stem, often orange or red.

This species grows wild but can be planted in gardens or fields. It spreads quickly, which can reduce the need to plant heavily. The rapid growth means that it may need to be thinned out regularly.

Lilium concolor is another popular choice for many home gardens. Lilium candidum is often chosen by those who prefer a whiter flower. L. auratum is known for its banded color along the petals of blooms.

Optimal Growing Conditions And Care For The Garden

The lily will grow well and does not need constant care once planted. All that is necessary is that it gets the right conditions to start. To begin, choose a location that is very well drained and loose.

The soil is well drained if it dries quickly after it has rained. It may be necessary to add mulch or organic matter for nutrients. This is often important in gardens with rocky or clay filled soil.

A full day of sun is recommended for straight and solid blooms. If there is not enough light, stems often bend or lean toward it. This can lead to drooping or a staggered display for flower stems.

Some may allow the foliage to linger after blooms have completed. Others may trim them back in hopes of creating new bloom growth. Division of clumped groups should occur during the fall months.

Popular Uses For Arrangements And Decorations

The striking appearance of lilies makes them popular for florists. Bouquets are given year round from holidays to birthdays and weddings. The cut flowers are also a popular choice for mixed flower packages.

A large single bloom is a choice flower for wearing in the hair. This is popular for weddings, or for a summer party or gathering. A bloom may be worn in the hair tucked behind each ear as well.

For weddings, a few bright lilies are often paired with white flowers. Pink and red hued blooms are top choices for spring and winter. White varieties may also be chosen to complement the colored ones.

Unopened flowers are often added to increase the enjoyment of blooms. This is because the flower does not last for long once it opens. Unopened flower stems can often be added as bouquet filler as well.

Lilies are regularly supplied to nearly any florist. Locations such as Rochester, MN, Buffalo, NY, Shreveport, LA, Hartford, CT, and Eugene, OR can have a variety including casablanca and asiatic lilies.

Common Symbolism And Meanings For Colored Lilies

The most common association of this flower is with funerals and death. This is due to its popularity as a funeral wreath or memorial plant. It often symbolizes that the soul has moved on after their passing.

White Stargazer lilies are often used to show sympathy to others. White may also be used to mean modesty or virginity when given. This is a common meaning among many of the white flowering species.

Orange is used to convey passion, as are some of the red shades. These are often given to spouses or between couples to show love. A lily mix of pink or red can also be used to express passion.

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Lily (Liliaceae)

Lily (Liliaceae)

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