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Orchid (Orchidaceae)

 The orchid has long been associated with mystery and exotic drama. Thick and delicate blossoms form along its long and slender stems. There are many color variations, such as white, purple or mixed.

Orchids are often thought of as difficult to care for by many people. The difficulty often depends on the soil and watering conditions. Once these are corrected, the plant will grow and bloom for years.

The Orchid - Species Description And Information

Orchids are a flowering plant belonging to the family Orchidaceae. These delicate and particular plants captivate many with their beauty. There are over several hundred species available across the world.

The typical plant features several broad leaves and a long stem. From this drooping long stem a delicate single flower often blooms. Some hybrids may feature several flowers available on each stem.

There are three key growth groups for this type of flowering plant. Epiphytic orchids are often found in high trees in decayed locations. Nutrients come from decayed plant matter, air and rain at this level.

Lithophytic flowers form at the base of trees in ground level corners. Decayed materials provide enough nutrients for these to grow well. Decaying moss is often one of the key nutrient sources for them.

Terrestrial grow in the ground and use nutrients from soil and moss. A relationship is formed with the fungus in the ground for support. The symbiotic relationship keeps both plant and fungus healthy.

Popular Species And Hybrids For Plants And Flowers

Tickled Pink varieties are a top choice for creating flower bouquets. This type of orchid is delicate and features vibrant pink colors. These range from pale to deep pink with some speckled patterns.

Phalaenopsis is the most popular of all the varieties for plants. These are often found in home decorating magazines and photography. They are also available at many garden centers and florists for gifts.

The phalaenopsis orchid is readily available to order for areas such as Fairfield, CA, Sunrise, FL, Grand Prairie, TX, Elizabeth, NJ, and Dearborn, MI but can also be delivered to many other areas across the nation. For more information on availability, call in with your local florist.

Jewel like colors are popular with this type of flowering plant. Some may prefer to choose bright colors while others prefer subtle. Pink and purples, as well as yellows are common for these as well.

Growth Conditions And Special Needs For Blooms

For the phalaenopsis plants, special care is needed for survival. Indirect light is crucial as direct can scorch the leaves and blooms. For this reason, many choose to grow them indoors or in the shade.

A grow light may be necessary when indoors depending on location. The distance between light and plant should be adjusted as needed. At least twelve inches is necessary to prevent scorching of plants.

During growth periods, regular watering is needed for best results. Roots can be carefully examined to see if the plant needs watered. After flowers have opened, watering may need to be reduced greatly.

A schedule of every other week may need to be followed for watering. Slightly damp soil is the optimal condition for best plant growth. This may vary depending on the humidity and location of the pot.

Fertilizing is important to encourage large and colorful blooms. This fertilization is often done before the bloom cycle begins. This addition should be stopped after the flowers have emerged.

Symbolism And Meanings For Giving Orchids To Others

The symbolism of these flowers often points to luxury and success. Beauty, strength and elegance may also be implied with gifting. This interpretation may depend on the area and the color of flowers.

Pink orchids often demonstrate affection between lovers or friends. The delicate nature of the plant can be an enduring symbol of love. This makes them a popular choice for gifts to loved ones or family.

Cattelya orchids are another popular choice for bouquets and vases. They often represent charm, especially long standing affections. An orchid is also a popular choice for wedding flowers and bouquets.

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Orchid (Orchidaceae)

Orchid (Orchidaceae)

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