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Pittosporum is best known as a hedge used for ornamental purposes. It can be used as a foundation plant or an edging for a garden bed. It produces lightly scented blossoms and can grow very quickly.

This plant is often grown as a hedge and may require regular pruning. However, pruning should be avoided until they have reached 18 months. After that pruning can be used to thicken or thin out the plants.

Pittosporum - Species Information And Description

There are over 200 species of shrubs and trees within this family. The leaves appear as a deep green and have a waxy appearance to them. Shrubs are the more commonly used plant for a garden or landscape.

P. tobira is one of the better known species in the shrub families. It is also known as the Japanese Mock Orange or Japanese Cheesewood. Its foliage is often cut and used for bouquets or flower arrangements.

Pittosporum is available at locatiosn such as Tulsa, OK, Gilbert, AZ, Pembroke Pines, FL, Sandy, UT, and Lincoln, NE. They are almost always purchased for gardening purposes.

Growing Conditions And Uses For Landscapes Or Gardens

Pittosporum seeds must be soaked for several hours before planting. At least six hours is recommended to increase the chance of sprouts. Warm water should be used in order to hydrate the seeds before use.

A good potting soil should be used if planting in a container pot. Some may use a generic mix while many others prefer a rich soil. This will provide a better amount of nutrients for it to grow well.

While waiting for it to sprout, the soil must be kept slightly moist. It should not be allowed to remain boggy or dry out completely. Soil should be checked every day in order to encourage sprout growth.

Fertilizer should be used regularly once the sprouts have grown. Feeding should occur until the plants have reached their maturity. Some may prefer to feed every few weeks even after reaching maturity.

At least six hours of sunlight is needed per day for the best growth. Lower amounts of sunlight may lead to stunted growth for most species. A location with full sun is the best to use whenever it is possible.

Popular Symbolism And Common Uses For Flowers

The most traditional meaning of these flowers is that of counterfeit. This meaning may be used to indicate deceit in many different ways. It can mean that feelings or one's trust may have been misplaced.

A bouquet featuring these may show that something is not correct. A love may be unrequited, or there may not be harmony in marriage. It may also mean that a friendship is experiencing some strife.

Those who prefer a less negative meaning often rely on its color. This can often provide a much better meaning for an arrangement. This allows many to find a more positive symbolism in the blooms.

White is often taken as a sign of purity and innocence in many things. Innocent love, or pure thoughts are often indicated by white blooms. Some may also take it to symbolize chastity and being true of heart.

When the blooms appear more yellow, they can have another meaning. Yellow is often the color associated with pure joy and laughter. It may also be used to represent energy or excitement about something.

When chosen for color interpretation, the flower takes on new meaning. This can help to deter from the less positive meaning it often has. Pittosporum may also be given as a live plant instead of cut stems.

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