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Rose (Rosaceae)

Rose flowers are almost synonymous with love and affairs of the heart. Red roses are heavily used for many types of romantic occasions. Other colors have been cultivated to suit many other occasions.

There are many options for growing roses in a garden or container. Miniature versions can be used for a desk top or windowsill plant. Specialty species may also be used for a more unique touch in gardens.

Although roses are available at almost any florist, areas such as Overland Park, KS, New York, NY, Columbus, OH, Temecula, CA, and Phoenix, AZ can provide a selection of roses with different offers due to the popularity of the rose.

The Rose - Common Species And Variations For Color

A perennial in the Rosaceae family, the rose is a woody shrub or bush. Some species may trail or grow similar to vines instead of shrubs. Sharp thorns are often present on the stems and vines of these plants.

Hybrids are the most popular for a garden center or florist to carry. Lush reds such as Grand Gala, Cherry Love and Red One are popular. These produce large and firm fragrant blooms on long thorny stems.

For white and cream, Blizzard, Amelia, Vendela and Escimo are top choices. These are a stark contrast to typical red flowers of other species. Some whites may include shades of peach, pink and yellow on blooms.

Bicolor species and hybrids are an emerging option for more color. Many of these feature a solid color with edging of a contrast one. Examples include Duett, Finess and Royal Circus as top combinations.

Growing Roses For A Home Garden Or Containers

Growing a rose bush or garden at home takes great care and planning. Some can be grown for show while others are ornamental shrubbery. The blooms often vary by species, with some appearing more wild.

Regular watering in well drained soil is key to maximum blooms. Special fertilizers may need to be added to soil for more nutrients. These are often available from garden centers that carry roses.

Full sun is often recommended, but some require partial or indirect. The hybrid or species will often list which type of light to use. For any of the requirements, at least six hours of sun is needed.

The space requirements may vary depending on the type of roses. Some prefer a place to grow tall or climb while others spread out. Some varieties are more compact and suitable for container growth.

Uses For Roses In Manufacturing And Consumers

Roses are often known for the hips, which are full of vitamin C. These are used to create tea and extracts to improve the health. This is a common use for homeopathic and alternative medicine therapy.

Rosa Chinesis is a top plant in Chinese medicine for its properties. It is though to soothe many ailments and has been used for years. Other folk medicine often incorporates the blooms or hips as well.

Oils and extracts are frequently used to create perfumes and soaps. The heady and pleasing fragrance makes it a widely sought item. These are commonly found in women's beauty products and fragrances.

The water or syrup from the blooms can be also used in cooking. This is common in French cuisine but is popular in the United States. Syrups are often used for baked goods and pastries or confections.

Popular And Common Meanings And Symbolism For Roses

Roses have many different meanings, each depending on the color. Red is traditionally used to show love between couples or family. The deeper the red, the strong the love being implied or expressed.

Yellow is often used for friendship, though many mothers prefer it. A combination of red and yellow are often used for mothers as well. Some of the yellows may be closer to orange, or a bronze shade.

White roses often represent innocence and purity or faith and loyalty. Some may use white roses with a single red one placed in the center. This rose arrangement is used to show purity of love or friendship.

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Rose (Rosaceae)

Rose (Rosaceae)

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