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Statice-Limonium (Plumbaginaceae)

Statice is grown as an annual and is a top choice for dried blooms. The cut flower is dried and will retain color and shape for months. This makes it immensely popular for making dried floral arrangements.

This easy to grow plant is also popular for its blooms in gardens. Tiny colored delicate flowers appear on stalks in small clusters. Pale blue or purple are the most frequently seen colors for blooms.

Statice Species Information And Common Variations

Commonly called Limonium, statice is also grown as a perennial. There are many names that have been given to this flowering plant. Seafoam, German, English, and Sea Lavender are all used as names.

Seafoam varieties have no foliage, making them look more unique.The stem appearance is often smoother than it is in other species. The flowers may also appear smaller, and arched clusters of blooms.

German statices tend to arch backwards instead of forward like others. These often have a more gray color when compared to other species. These are often chosen to compliment or offset foliage in gardens.

Latifolia species appear to be more white than green or silver. The flowers are often blue, violet or a blue-violet combination. These flowers are commonly seen for dried arrangements and bouquets.

Sea Lavender is often the most particular about growing conditions. If too damp while dormant, it can quickly die and refuse to regrow. Bloom quality may also be impacted by the amount of moisture in soil.

Growing Conditions For Gardens And Landscaping

Many grow statice by purchasing already started seedlings or sprouts. Some may also prefer to purchase established plants for fast blooms. Established plants are often hardier and will take root quickly.

Full sun is needed, though partialshade may be used if necessary. The more light that is available, the better the flowers will perform. In hot climates, direct light may lead to scorching or burning.

Loamy soil is often the best type to use for this type of plant. Slightly sandy soil is also a good choice when preparing the beds. Good drainage is essential to keep the plants healthy and thriving.

After the last frost has passed, plants can be added to the garden. A sloped or raised location is often best, such as a mound or hill. These can be created artificially as part of landscaping or garden.

Fertilizer may be added to encourage good growth during spring. A slow release may be added during planting or a regular food added. Every four to six weeks fertilizers should be renewed in gardens.

Uses For Statices In Arrangements And Bouquets

These flowers are often added as filler to bouquets year round. The arched cluster of flowers makes for a delicate bloom backdrop. These are seen frequently in the spring and in the fall for bouquets.

They are also commonly used in dried arrangements due to longevity. These dried blooms can last for weeks to months without fading. This makes them a popular staple for any dried flower arrangement.

Popular Meanings And Symbolism For The Flowers

The misty appearance of blooms is often associated with remembrance. For this reason, they are popular for memorial wreaths and bouquets. They may also be used to show someone they have not been forgotten.

The soft color is also associated with gentle memories and feelings. It can also signify the importance of being remembered by others. This gives statice an important place in any floral arrangement.

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Statice-Limonium (Plumbaginaceae)

Statice-Limonium (Plumbaginaceae)

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