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Tulip-Tulipa (Liliaceae)

The tulip is known for its thick petals and long slender green stems. The flowers come in many colors, such as pink, yellow and white. This creates a number of meanings and uses for them in arrangements.

They are easily cultivated, which allows for more hybrids yearly. This has created many variations, such as streaked and striped colors. Many of these can be found through festivals or specialty growers.

Your typical variety of assorted colored tulips can be available throughout the spring in nearly all florist providers. Locations around Lubbock, TX, Evansville, IN, Oceanside, CA, Allen, TX, and Kenosha, WI can also have a larger number of choices for special order.

Tulip Description And Information For Species

A member of the tulipa family, tulips are a flowering bulb plant. Flowers return yearly after a long dormant period, often in winter. They are known for being a bright and showy spring perennial plant.

Most of the varieties are cultivated from the tulipa geseneriana. Many hybrids have been developed to allow for vivid cut flowers. Special hybrids have been developed to be compact or more robust.

Tulipa clusiana offers a unique appearance for the flower shape. The petals open wide and lay flat compared to some other breeds. These are often white and uniform in color with a yellow center.

Tulipa pulchella offers a dwarf stem and flower with vivid colors. Reddish purple is the most common for these miniature bulb plants. It is native to Turkey and Iran and has been introduced to Europe.

Common Color Variations And Hybrid Information

Tulip colors and styles can vary greatly depending on the cultivation. Options include single and double layers for petals and blooms. Bicolor and solid shades are also possible in some of the varieties.

Parrot tulips have a unique ruffled plume for their petal shape. Many of these feature bicolor petals, often reds, pinks and whites. They can be used to create a spectacular display of color in gardens.

Bicolor varieties are increasingly popular for gardeners and florists. Vivid color streaks trace up the petals, creating strong blooms. Combination and contrast colors are possible, such as white and red.

For a more traditional look, many choose a smoother petal shape. These are available in many colors, such as pink, red, and yellow. These are often the most popular choice for cut flower arrangements.

Growth And Care For Gardening And Cultivation

In some climates, the bulbs only bloom for up to two years at a time. When bulbs have stopped producing blooms, many choose to buy new ones. This ensures a continuous supply of flowers for years of color.

Tulips require a period of cold in order for them to create growth. In southern locations this can be difficult as weather stays warmer. To get around this, bulbs are placed in a refrigerator in winter.

Full sun and loamy soil are a requirement for long lasting plants. Compost can be added to create loose and well drained soil in beds. Bone meal fertilizer can be added frequently for strong blooms.

Container gardening is also possible if space is limited in gardens. Rich loamy soil is a necessity, as is a well drained container. Indoor lighting may be used but full sunny locations are the best.

Popular Uses For Arrangements With Symbolism And Meanings

These flowers often symbolize creativity and inspiration in others. More vivid colors can be used to showcase an inspirational idea. These are popular for fresh spring bouquets for friends and family.

Declarations of love are a popular interpretation for any tulips. This makes them a popular spring present between lovers or couples. They may also symbolize dreams and dreaminess, such as a new goal.

Cut blooms are the most common use for arrangements and bouquets. These are often cut with the long stem still attached for show. The stem color provides a lovely background for the strong blooms.

Arrangements may include other spring offerings such as daffodils. However, popular trends include a simple bouquet of a solid color. An elegant tulip bouquet can be carried for weddings or parties.

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Tulip-Tulipa (Liliaceae)

Tulip-Tulipa (Liliaceae)

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